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Two pieces of antique piano key ivory are cut and polished to shape and set into the center of this pendant. Before the back piece of ivory is set, a decorative centerpiece is set on the front piece of ivory of the pendant by drilling a small hole and riveting ornament on from the back of the front-facing ivory. The second piece of antique ivory is set over the assembly from the back. The use of antique piano key ivory is adapted from the wooden version of a Nantucket Lightship basket. Hardwoods, (and years ago, ivory from whales and elephants) were used as centerpieces on top of Nantucket Lightship Baskets. The art of miniature has been interpreted by me in the form of jewelry using antique piano keys, gems, and 18k. 18 Diamonds of Vs2, g h color are set around the center of this enhancer in the style of pave'. The clip on the back of this enhancer can be used over Pearls, Omegas, and Chains. Chain and pearls shown are for sale individually.

18k and Diamond Enhancer with Basket weave and antique Ivory center

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