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Triple Strand Freshwater Keshi Pearl Bracelet with Moonstone and Golden Sapphire accent beads. 18k Gold Bayonnet Clasp.  7 1/2 inches. Color themes available.

Fresh water Keshi Bracelet and18k Clasp

  • Keshi pearls, can be formed in a couple of different ways. One way a keshi can form occurs when the oyster rejects the beaded nucleus  and an irritant makes its way inside the oyster. Layers of nacre are secreted over this irritant and a keshi is formed.   Also what can occur is that the implanted tissue fractures and forms separate sacs, which in turn can form a keshi. Again it is important to note that the Japanese Akoya keshi is a by-product of the culturing process, but the keshi itself is 100 % nacre unlike other cultured pearls, which contain a beaded nucleus. 

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