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 Lockets in traditional and contemporary shapes of the  Nantucket Lightship Basket are originals woven by hand and formed by lost wax casting. This locket is named after a cottage on the eastern end of Nantucket Island called Siasconset. Diana Kim England's family goes back 4 generations on the eastern end of Nantucket. Quarterdeck is the name given to this 1 1/2 inch diameter solid 18k gold locket and is adapted from one of the cottage names in the hamlet of 'Sconset.  Homes and cottages are given names by many families on the island of Nantucket. This locket can be made with various top plaques made from Ebony, antique piano key ivory, and gems. Interior engraving known as scrimshaw can be done on the inside top of the locket. An example is shown above.

Personal scrimshaw is available upon request. The art of miniature has been practiced using exacting detail such as a mechanical front closure using a small gold pin. It is attached to a chain that also holds an interior gold heart on a chain.  Different sizes and shapes are available. This is the largest of 3 sizes available. Other prices available upon request.

Nantucket Basket Locket

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