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Nantucket Lighthouse miniatures in 18k Gold.  Brant Point, Great Point and Sankaty Light with German hand-cut crystal octagonal lenses.  Great for larger charm bracelets or as a pendant.


Nantucket Lighthouses

  • Each of the three Island lighthouses have thier own special detail.  The height of these miniatures is between an 1 1/4" to 1 1/2 ".

         Sankaty is known for its red stripe painted around the middle. The miniature charm has red gold section that symbolizes the red paint. The upper 2 rows of railings are placed by hand with hours of detail invested.

       Brant point's brick exterior and small shed attached are done in fine detail, including cedar shingles, bricks and even the wood trim on the shed.

        Great Point's smaller shed still boasts its cedar shingle roof and narrow windows that follow the great height of Nantucket's tallest lighthouse. A single railing is placed up top with intricate precision.


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