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Whale Cufflinks in 18k Gold.  1 1/8 inch whales.

Available in 14k and Sterling.

Will fit a French cuff.

The substantial weight of these cuff-links is due to the lost wax casting process. Solid handmade chain links each pair of whales together. Fits French cuffs.

The Sperm Whale was most sought after during the whaling industry. The name sperm whale is a shortened version for the spermaceti whale. Almost hunted to extinction, it's population is now on the increase. The best estimate of the worldwide sperm whale population is between 300,000 and 450,000 individuals. Own a pair of these cuff-links and celebrate the return of these magnificent animals with the simplistic calm of one of the ocean's greatest creatures.


Whale Cufflinks in 18k Gold. 1 1/8 inch whales.

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